Step 17 Use Support Analysis to Create Possible Strategies

Day 17 of 31 days to Creating Your Inspiring Personal Plan for 2012

Back in Step 12, you identified some supporting elements of your Vision statement. These elements are things that you rate highly, along with pursuit of your Core element. Some examples: If “family” is not the core element, then I expect that “family” is an important support element for many of you. If your vocation (or your desired vocation) was not a core element for you, then I expect that some measure of vocational success is an important supporting element for many of you.

In the last step (Step 16), you focused on brainstorming possible strategies for accelerating success with regard to your Core element. In today’s step, you move on to the Support elements of your Vision statement. For each supporting element that you have included in your Vision statement, write down at least two different strategies of how you could accelerate success with regard to that element.

Just to be clear, if your Vision statement includes four supporting elements, then you should be adding a total of eight potential strategies to the list that you started in Step 14 (and which should have approximately fifteen potential strategies already on the list).

As with the prior step, I urge you to stay at the strategic (40,000 foot) level. Once again, I urge that you not truncate the process. You deserve better than to go into 2012 with a rehash of goals that, in many cases, haven’t been all that effective for you in the past. We are working at the strategy level now; please be patient, we will soon move to goals. Keep in mind that having goals that aren’t built on sound strategies is a recipe for disaster. Or, at minimum, a recipe for mediocrity. You really deserve better!

One way to brainstorm how you might accelerate success with respect to your support elements is to consider your role model(s) that you identified back in Step 11. How did your role model(s) reach a level of success, with respect to your support element, such that you have chosen to use them as your role model?

When you have completed this step, your list should include a wonderful mix of more than 20 strategies. By Step 19, you should have a list of more than 25 strategies from which you will choose five or six to be your key strategies for 2012. Again, for now, just focus on adding to your list. We make our best choices in life when we have great options. For Step 19, Selection of Your 2012 Success Strategies, I want you to have a deluxe list of options from which to choose.

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